The Gunners Advise Gomez On His Future With Liverpool

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The Gunners Advise Gomez On His Future With Liverpool Following Aston Villa Transfer Rumors

Paul Merson, the legendary footballer Liverpool ‘s teenage defender Joe Gomez has suggest a future to Liverpool after rumors of a possible move to Aston Villa under Steven Gerrard.

“Since the end of last year I heard the name of Joe Gomez more often in the media. “He is rumor to be joining Aston Villa, with his older brother Steven Gerrard as manager,” Merson opened up to UFABET.

“Of course, many people are disappoint that Gomez ultimately decide to stay fighting for his chance with Liverpool until at least the end of the season. The fact is that he was dropp too much as a substitute. Which I secretly agree with at this point.

“Honestly, Gomez knows his situation. and may take time to review many things during the off-season But if you don’t think much I’d like to introduce him a little bit. You should choose to continue playing for Liverpool, that’s the best.”

“Okay, you might have to be patient as a defensive defender. But don’t forget that Liverpool have been very successful these days. Therefore, we have to meet with the most brutal competition program every year. However, it will definitely be sent onto the field. Will the portion be enough to be satisfie? That one must continue to see.”