Rooney to reports set to take over at Everton

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Rooney has respond to reports that. He was set to take over at Everton as a replacement for Rafa.

Wayne Rooney, the legendary striker of the Manchester United, has respond to the media himself. After being rumored to be being approached for the job of Everton manager to replace Rafael Benitez. Who could be sack mid-air in the next few days.

“Honestly I don’t even yearn for a return to Everton. As many media outlets are playing the news right now,” Rooney told the UFABET.

“But enough of the fact that I am a footballer who grew up at Everton’s academy and have been a devoted Toffee blue since childhood. So I can understand those connections.”

“However As far as I know about my career until now. Well, I haven’t spoken to Everton about these things once. Plus, they never even contacted me.”

“The most important thing that must never be forgotten is I’m still Derby County manager, I have a contract and it’s not over yet. Therefore, there will be no betrayal of the agency and secretly negotiate with other clubs.”

“I have said that I will give everything to help Derby achieve his goals. Anything other than this has never been in my mind at all.”