Manchester United teammates dislike Bruno Fernandes

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Manchester United teammates dislike Bruno Fernandes.

Ex -Manchester United star Paul Parker has been frank that many Manchester United players are now starting to dislike the actions of one of its pillars , Bruno Fernandes. some nades

“Although Bruno Fernandes is one of the best players in the current Unit squad. I have to admit I’m disappoint with him in a number of ways as well,” Parker told Talk of. the UFABET

“According to the normal circumstances, it’s nothing. His pass was accurate and allowed his teammates to create advantageous opportunities for succession. Shoot a goal that is sharp at every distance. It’s call looking for serious results.

“But at times, the attitude of playing football is very frustrating. Because he is trying to show himself too much to give himself privileges over others on the field, both with his opponent and himself.”

“If he fouls a bad opponent, he’s always yelling at him that he hasn’t done anything wrong. When he saw his teammate being knock down. He ran to encourage him to hurry up and continue playing while he was being attacke. No matter how light it is, it will roll around. squirm as if dying before suing the judge

“That’s not a good thing because it creates a stressful situation all over the pitch. which the same people will also feel pressured So I’m sure that many of my Red Devils teammates are not happy with this kind of behavior.”