Lewandowski believes Barca are ready to win over Madrid.

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Robert Lewandowski is determined to lead Barcelona to defeat Real Madrid in the El Clasico game this Sunday.

Barcelona’s Poland striker Robert Lewandowski believes the Azulgrana team will show their attacking football and win over Real Madrid in the game. ‘El Clasico’ this Sunday to maintain hope in fighting for the Spanish league championship. According to a report from ‘La Liga World’ last Saturday. 

‘El Clasico is always a special game. Not just for us. But for everyone in the world For everyone waiting for this game. I hope we show our attacking football to fans all over the world and we are ready to win the game.’ said the 35-year-old striker. UFABET 

Lewandowski also believes Barcelona, ​​who are unbeaten on the Liga stage in their last 10 games are headed in the right direction. After facing a lack of consistency in the middle of the season.

said the 35-year-old striker.

‘From one side We respect his (Xavi’s) decision and now we are only focused on this season. Because we know it’s important. We have resolved some of the issues and challenges we had. And the current guidelines are very good. And we still fight Still trying to win every game. We try to do this until the end of the season.’

The Polish striker also spoke about Barcelona’s young players, who have emerged with the Azulgrana this season. Ready to expect to play alongside them for the next 2-3 years.

‘It helped me a lot to talk to the young players like Lamine, Fermine López, Hector (Fort). As well as Pau (Gubarsi), them. All amazing I am very happy and feel good. Including the direction we are moving forward now. I think we’ve found our way.’

‘Physically I feel very good. It means I can play at a high level. And I’m sure there will be another two years where I’m compared to other players.’