Klopp opens up about leading Liverpool to title race

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Klopp opens up about leading Liverpool to title race despite 11 points behind Manchester City

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has open up about his chances of winning the 2021-22 Premier League title. After being 11 points clear of top-flight Manchester City at half-way.

“I cannot convince a single person outside the club to believe. And there’s no need to try to do that either. because if they want to believe will have faith Whoever doesn’t believe it is his story,” Klopp told UFABET.

“But one thing I dare to insist is that If you are a Liverpool fan and have the belief that we can really succeed, then cheering for the rest of the season will be a lot of fun. Guaranteed fun levels over 100%”

“We will do everything we can to achieve our goals. I don’t know if it will eventually succeed or not. Because there are other factors that we cannot control as a component.”

“If you see the atmosphere in the camp of the players, Liverpool know how ready the boys are to chase the top for the rest of the time. Honestly, it’s not a situation where we have to win trophies or anything like that. Because of being left behind by Manchester City by 11 points, there must be a lot of things to look forward to besides their own victory.

“If calculated according to the theory No matter where you look, you can’t catch up, right? But we can’t take these normal things to predict the outcome. Therefore, I always tell my team to do my best for myself first. Then we’ll see how this season ends.”