Cancelo accepts criticism from Rio.

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Joao Cancelo has accepted criticism after his daring tackle cost him a penalty in the Champions League defeat to Paris Saint-Germain.

Barcelona’s Portuguese full-back Joao Cancelo has revealed. He accepts harsh criticism from Rio Ferdinand, who called him stupid for his foul on Ousmane Dembele. Until losing a penalty in the game to Paris Saint-Germain 1-4 and being eliminated from the round of 8 in the Champions League. According to a report from ESPN last Saturday UFABET

‘Ferdinand is a great player But I’m sure he makes mistakes too,’ Cancelo said. ‘We all make mistakes, but of course it’s his job. He is an analyst. And he has the right to say what he thinks. I accept it. It’s his opinion. Maybe the way I conceded the penalty was a childish (mistake) but with the situation of the game as it is. Now, in my opinion, criticism is acceptable.’

‘Please criticize my work. I don’t mind But let’s not talk about my family. To be honest, it’s been a really difficult week. We are excited to go further in the Champions League. I think this club deserves it. But it’s a week we have to leave behind.’

‘That night (after the PSG game) I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t sleep. Personally, When I don’t win I really can’t sleep. Because I feel like I’m not doing well. I’m not doing well. I’m just speaking for myself. It’s a strange game. How we were defeated I think it keeps me from sleeping. I feel like if it was 11 against 11 we could probably win as well. But we have to move on,’ Cancelo said.