Brentford v Manchester United: Pre-game point

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Brentford v Manchester United: Pre-game point for Wednesday night’s Premier League game, the Red Devils visit the Bees.

1. Pogba Kunjae to change Rangnick?

The good report UFABET news of the Red Devils disciples before this game is that Paul Pogba, a good French midfielder. Recovered from injury and returned to practice with his teammates. That could be good news for Ralph Rangnick as well. As in many games his 4-2-2-2 formation has relie heavily on central midfield and a strong presence. Agba, who can play both at the back against McTominay or at the top against Bruno. Would also be an interesting option to add dimension to the game. But depending on whether referred to be fit and ready to enter the field in this game or not. Perhaps the German boss may have start as a game changer in times of necessity on the bench. Sounds not too bad on Wednesday night.

2. The game against the locals began to show problems.

Having said that. The performance of Brentford at present is completely. Different from the beginning of the season. When the form was so hot that. He come up to win the top of the table for a while. Which has clearly change is the defensive game that has to be said that the pits are very strong.

Although they initially came with a very strong and aggressive defense, From the last 5 league games they have conceded 11 goals, 7 goals. From the last 2 games that Liverpool press 3 and Southampton hit 4 until it became the team conced the most goals this season, rank 6th to 33 goals already. Moreover it appears that the away team. Cristiano Ronaldo back in the starting lineup again. It is therefore very interesting. That they will be able to resist the attacking game of the Red Devils, which is still scratchy or not in the game on Wednesday.

3. Man U fans want to see Donnie and McTominay.

As mentioned, Rangnick 2’s 4-2-2-2 plan, the center forward. The center back will play a huge role with the team, both offensively and defensively. Who have to screen the opponent’s offensive game. Before it comes to the back panel, including Requires skill to unwrap the moving ball from the back up to feed 4 forward attackers. Fortunately, McTominay’s top form has help the team earn a fair amount of points. While Matic has been criticize for his speed that often has difficulty dealing with. A more streamline offensive line It is therefore not uncommon for Red Devils fans to want to see Donny van de Beek. Who has the ability to create games better than Matic. Clearly coming down to pair in the middle with McTominay to know and know. Survive which the Dutch midfielder can be a worker bee to run up and down, helping both offensively and defensively

But it seems that the Iron Eagle boss will always see the importance of Matic and Fred first and choose to keep the good stuff for use in the last 2 minutes like many of the matches.