Arteta slams the decision as shameful and disgraceful.

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has slammed the decision to award the winning goal against Newcastle. saying it was “disgraceful”.

Anthony Gordon scored the winning goal at St James’ Park with a questionable goal as to whether the ball had gone off the line or not. As Cholin fouled Gabriel. Gallese or not? And is Gordon in an offside position? UFABET

Although it took VAR 3-4 minutes to check the situation. In the end, the Magpies scored a goal and there was little clarity about the decision to award the goal.

“I admire my players for the way they played and competed on this field against this opponent. The results should not have been the way they were. There are many reasons for that.”

“If there’s a team that looks like they want to win today’s game, it’s Arsenal.”

“There was a humiliating incident. How was this goal confirmed in the Premier League? This league we say is the best league in the world. I have been in this country for 20 years and now I feel it is a disgrace, a disgrace and there are too many vested interests here.”

“We are trying to do something incredible. and is at the highest level each week. When we’re not good enough I will raise my hand and take responsibility.”

“The results are nowhere near the level that this league needs to be. And the way this league competes is not good enough. I feel embarrassed to be a part of this.”Arteta