Arsenal to rush grab Traore ahead of Spurs

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Arsenal to rush grab Traore ahead of Spurs

Arsenal legend Martin Keown has given advice to his team if they want to improve the quality of attacking games for the Gunners. Should hurry to spend money to buy Adama Traore, wing power K from Wolverhampton Wanderers. Wanderers to reinforce the army urgently

For Traore, 25, he is known as a winger who stands out as a professional wrestler. But pushing with high speed to pull and drag until almost no one in the English Premier League can handle

And with his ability to use speed and stamina so often to create magical shots, Traore’s name has always been linked to major clubs around the world at every turn.

“Anyway, for me, Adama Traore is a footballer who always has something special. It’s just the style of play that is intense and exciting and it’s worth having in the team,” Keown told the UFABET.

“His finishing skills may not be very high. But every goal scored shows some talent that deserves further refinement. So if I’m Mikel Arteta, I’ll definitely be spending some money on Traore soon.”

However, from the latest rumours, it seems that Arsenal’s rivals. Tottenham Hotspur, are about to make a serious bid for Traore with a fee of around 20 million pounds, causing Keown to come out and encourage his team to love. Hurry up and grab it before it’s too late.