AC Milan lost to Udinese 0-1.

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AC Milan lost to Udinese 0-1 on their own in the Serie A battle last night. At San Siro, it’s a Serie A football game on Saturday night between the Rossoneri at home and Le Cebrette. 

After 9 minutes of playing, the visiting team was almost defeated by the Orange. Dropping the ball into the path of Roberto Pereira, who hit hard but unfortunately sent it over the crossbar.

Then, in the 25th minute, it was Milan’s chance when Davide Calabria shot from far with his right. Causing Marco Silvestri to have to knock the ball out first UFABET

In the 34th minute, the Red and Black Devils still had a chance from a long shot. This time from Yunus Musah, breaking from the right to press with the left. But not getting through the hands of Marco Silvestri.

4 minutes into the second half.

The Rossoneri missed the chance to take the lead when Tyani Rinders came through the middle. But the timing of the shot was not good and it slipped off the first right-hand post.

In the 60th minute, the referee gave Udinese a penalty when Festi Ebosele dragged him down and was dunked by substitute Yasine Adli. VAR asked to check before confirming that and it was Rober. Counter Pereira didn’t miss a kill to give the visiting team a 1-0 lead. 

Played until the 70th minute, the visiting team missed the second goal. Lazar Samarjich threw a corner kick into the middle of the goal. Isaac Success hit and pressed hard. But Mike Mennan fell over and smashed it out.

At the end of the game, in the 90th minute. Milan missed the opportunity to equalize. Rafael Leao played the ball for Olivier Giroud to charge. But it didn’t go through the hands of Marco Silvestri, who parried it away.

At the end of the game, Udinese defeated AC Milan 1-0, winning their first match and taking 3 important points. They now have 10 points from 11 matches, while the Rossoneri have 22 points.