How to use the formula to bet on roulette

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How to use the formula to bet on roulette.

and what techniques are there?

Coming to the essence of play roulette until rich That is, techniques, methods, which are formulas to bet on, roulette, roulette is a form of gambling that relies heavily on luck. But can play no matter where with UFABET. Statistics or various elements have reasons for their reasons that we will use. able to analyze

The formula to eat less, eat for a long time,  the chances of winning roulette bets are many, really, some of them have a very high payout rate, but it’s too risky to go out than to bet before losing money first. So we Will recommend to play cheap, easy, eat a little, eat for a long time by playing only black / red, that means that.

We will only play in black / red favorites. By using the calculation from the previous statistics. That it is out of any color, repeating or alternating a little before looking at the statistics if until you notice something like It came out red for 3 rounds and then let us bet the opposite at all by double the bet, if still losing, follow it until the next turn, if possible, then reduce the bet down to the same

Mao Teng Formula 10 numbers , betting on just 1 number in the rules of the roulette game will have a payout rate of 36 times the capital, which is very high. In this way, we will use this as our profit. The roulette table will have a total of 37 lucky numbers, which are 0-36. Let us bet each round of 10 numbers every round in the form of horizontal rows, 3 eyes per row, then when 3 eyes are complete, move and go down and round. Keep going and this formula from playing at the casino or online will have a profit rate of 20% ever.

Two-row bets

Bet on two-row favorites. Before using this method, we must first take note and observe the statistics of the previous eye, what number it issued, for example, the previous eye, the number that came out is 9 and 22. The next bet we have to bet on, we have to straddle. This number is for betting on 2 rows of favorites. By this method, the funds must be divided into 2 piles. Such as placing a bet of 100 baht for the entire row. Total funds will be spent 22,000, which will be divided into 11,000 per row. baht by having to choose to bet on channels that have statistics that are release most often only

middle zone stab

Central zone betting is a method that can use free credits because betting in the middle zone is the most likely way, but the stake is not very high. As for the numbers in the middle zone mentioned, it ranges from 13 to 24. This is a balanced set of numbers in the middle. Consider neither too high nor too low, known as the middle zone. The key of using this method is for the player to record the last 5 games. Of which zone is most release or which zone is often release. Let’s be brave and bet with a high amount of money. Let’s go with this method.

Bet on a set of 12 numbers

Bet on a set of 12 numbers, it is a method that can be played in 2 ways: 3 sets vertically, 3 sets horizontally. If asked which line to play, it is recommended to play vertically. There will be a set of numbers as follows: 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 36. That’s because if we are going to trap 2 sets at a time, the average capital can prevent the opportunity to lose. For example, if a player bets on 2nd12 and 3rd12 sets. It will be left 1st12 set and it is a low number set. Is it correct for 1st12? It is equal that the number set that we bet will be a set of numbers in the high number zone. Therefore, players will be able to place a high bet together.

But if it’s a horizontal play. It can’t be done like this. So betting on 12 numbers as a vertical 3 set method is obviously better, right?

2 battling, 1 horizontal thrust

Betting like 2 battling 1 horizontally, this kind of bet is not very difficult. Just let us observe the statistics of the winning bet, look at it in the 1st and 3rd slots alternately. Like that, about 3 to 4 games, such as 1st,3 rd, 1 st, see this and let. The player bet at all by placing 1st and 2nd in the same amount of money bet. 

In the case of 3rd exit bets. Which is a loss, switch to 2nd and 3rd bets, the amount of funds is 3 times the number of bets, 2 rounds of 1 horizontally. Must be place on 2nd as the main one, and then alternate with 1st and 3rd

And all is the way play roulette until rich. Including various techniques and formulas to bet on roulette. That will make a profit for everyone as they wish, hope that everyone will try to use it. Do not forget that you have to be mindful and adapt to suit yourself. 

Play roulette until rich not difficult. Anyone can do it, just know the formula to bet on roulette and how to know, the answer is all there, don’t miss it!