How to play dice to earn money with the Sic Bo

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How to play dice to earn money with the Sic Bo betting style that you need to know first.

For those who have just played Sic Bo and want to know how to play Sic Bo to get money ทางเข้า UFABET  Before you go to learn the Sic Bo formula. 

You need to know how many Sic Bo betting patterns are there.

  1. Low-high bets or small-large bets are bets using the total points of all 3 dice. If there are points from 4-10, they are consider low points. but if it is between 11-17 it will be a high score The payout ratio is 1:1.
  2. Even-odd bets This is to predict whether the numbers will come out as even or odd numbers. If the guess is correct, the prize money is not includ. The payout ratio is the same as the High-Low bet.
  3. Single bet Just guess the number from 1-6 what number it will come out. If one of the 3 dice is roll. The numbers match your guess. You will win in that turn. The payout ratio is 1:1 as well.
  4. Tod is a specific bet on 2 numbers at the same time. From numbers 1-6 by guessing what the dice will face and what face. But in playing like this You only have to guess 2 out of 3 numbers correctly. The payout ratio is 1:5.
  5. Total point bet is the bet that has the highest payout rate. You have to guess how many points the total of all the dice will be. The payout ratio is as follows: If the total is 14 or 17,
  6. Then the payout ratio is 1:50; if the total is 5 or 16, the payout ratio is 1:18; if the sum of the dice is 6 or 15, then There is a payout ratio of 1: 14 if the total is 7 points, the payout rate is bet 1: 17 and if the total is 8 points,
  7. This payout rate will be 1:8, but if the total is between 9-13 points, the payout rate will be to 1:6
  8. Double bets, similar to bets on Tod, is that the dice must be issued 2 out of 3 that are the numbers that we predict. 
  9. But the double bet will be a single number bet. Which is the number 1-6, the payout rate is 1:8
  10. Three bets without specific numbers, meaning all 3 dice must come out on the same page can be any number The payout ratio is 1:24.
  11. Bet on specific numbers. Which means that all 3 dice will be numbered between 1-6, 3 of. Which must come out on the same page as we predicted only to win. 
  12. The payout ratio is 1:150
    . All these are Sic Bo betting patterns that you should understand. I guarantee that you will choose to play correctly for sure. And most importantly, you need to understand the formula for placing bets as well.

How to play dice to earn money What are the betting formulas that everyone needs to know?

For playing Sic Bo to get money, you will need a Sic Bo formula that can actually be used. So let’s see what formulas are there.

  1. Betting on Small or Big is a bet on whether the dice will be low or high. With the high point being between 12-18 points, the low point being 3-10, but if getting 11 points, when the dealer wins, playing like this will have a payout rate of 1:1. It is a basic playing technique that every accessible people
  2. Playing Sic Bo using multiple betting methods make you expect Some of your bets may be successful. And if the bet wins, the payout ratio is 6:1.
  3. Viewing the odds for each type You have to enter the Sic Bo payout rate first. For you to choose to place bets correctly You will need to study the sum of the numbers well. By the principle of analysis of the players Bets on totals from 7 to 14 have a smaller risk value than 8 to 13 or 10 to 11, So they should be carefully consider for each turn.
  4. All Triple bets should not be place. This bet very high payout ratio 180:1. It is very risky. Because betting like this You have to correctly predict the number of all 3 sides of the dice.
  5. Always have a plan for betting. Because placing bets in some form This could put you at a disadvantage for the dealer. Because each style has a chance to be disadvantag or advantageous.
  6. You have to believe in your own luck, because you have to understand that. How to play dice to get that money There is no dice system that is 100% sure if you intend to play. 
  7. Please plan your play and believe in your luck. And you will play happily.
    This is a Sic Bo formula that you can understand and apply to your playing effectively. For anyone who is not confident in the Sic Bo betting formula from the internet whether it is reliable or not. Today we will talk