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What are the symptoms of a migraine headache?

What are the symptoms of a migraine headache? Migraine headache Most people tend to understand. That the symptoms are “Headache on one side” but in reality Migraine headaches can also occur on both sides of your head. Headache on one side It is a characteristic

Detox formula to cleanse the colon

Detox formula to cleanse the colon Detox the intestines is to eliminate toxins. Or residue within the body caused by eating food like meat or the various foods that we eat each day Some parts may not digeste. So it remains in the body. As

“Menopause is still hot” includes ways to cope with symptoms

“Menopause is still hot” includes ways to cope with symptoms and treatment during menopause. What is Menopause? “Menopause” is the period in which there are changes in the female body, namely a condition in which the ovaries stop producing eggs, causing the body to lack

Cancelo accepts criticism from Rio.

Joao Cancelo has accepted criticism after his daring tackle cost him a penalty in the Champions League defeat to Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona’s Portuguese full-back Joao Cancelo has revealed. He accepts harsh criticism from Rio Ferdinand, who called him stupid for his foul on Ousmane Dembele.

Mendy likely to miss ‘El Clasico’ game for Barca.

Daniel Carvajal has recovered and returned to training ahead of the game against Barcelona. ​​But Ferland Mendy missed the latest training session. Marca reported on Saturday that Ferland Mendy is likely to miss the ‘El Clasico’ game against Barcelona this Sunday. After the French left-back

7 things you should know before getting your breasts done

The issue of small breasts has become a serious problem for girls. Because breasts are an important part of the body that expresses femininity. If you have a good, proportionate figure It will help boost girls’ confidence. Things that should be taken into account every time before having

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Danger from PM 2.5 dust to pregnant women

Dust, which we cannot see, can affect the health of the unborn child. What should mothers be careful of? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchai Thanawatanacharoen, physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, stated that PM 2.5 is fine dust or fine particulate matter, size 2.5